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Why its worth it

Our lawn survey helps us understand your lawn conditions so we can recommend the right treatments.
Specialist products and high quality turf care machinery give us an unfair advantage compared to doing it yourself.
Our commercial weed and moss controls are more effective across a wider range of weeds compared to shop bought products.
It is important to know what type of fertiliser to apply and when, to get the best results. Seasonally tailored long release fertilisers will give you greener stronger thicker grass.
Lawn treatments aren’t just effective they’re affordable, costing from only £19 (including VAT) per treatment. The larger your lawn the lower the unit cost per area. Hollow tine aeration costs x2 and scarifying x3 the lawn treatment cost. We are happy to provide specific quotes for other services including seeding, pest control, turf disease and drought tolerance treatments.
We operate a pay as you go service as we are happy to let the results sell our services rather than tie you into a contract.
Just four seasonal lawn treatments are needed to improve your lawn all year round.

Your lawn will cope better with drought and wear and tear and improve the appearance of your whole property.
Free Lawn Survey Voucher
Picture of Children playing on a garden lawn

"The winter treatment really helped against the moss. The grass grew back much better than previous years"
Mr & Mrs Waters - Welwyn

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